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RRSR-PC-Y Recognizing and Responding to Suicide Risk for Primary Care Providers of Youth and Young Adults

The goal of the RRSR-PC-Y is for primary care practitioners of youth and young adults and their staff to learn current best practices in eliciting suicide risk when present and meeting the needs of their distressed patients.
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Wheeler Clinic is proud to offer the American Association of Suicidology’s RRSR-PC and RRSR-PC-Y. These trainings are facilitated slide presentations with video illustration that provides primary care practitioners with knowledge of why and how routine suicide risk screening should and can be incorporated into routine medical visits, what constitutes appropriate risk management strategies and crisis response planning, and how to effectively document a suicide risk assessment in a medical chart,
The training package includes: - a pocket assessment tool - continuing education units
- reproducible patient handouts - a facilitator-led slide presentation with video vignettes.