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Connecticut Recovery Oriented Support System for Youth (CROSS)


Connecticut Recovery Oriented Support System for Youth (CROSS)

The Connecticut Recovery Oriented Support System for Youth (CROSS) is the State’s premier youth recovery support system.  The statewide network of CROSS program sites offers mutual support groups for youth and young adults, as well as opportunities for fun activities, new friendships, and skill development with peers in a substance-free setting.    

Each of the CROSS program sites across the state offers weekly Self-Management And Recovery Training (SMART) Recovery® groups for young people ages 16-18 or 18-24.  During SMART Recovery® mutual-support groups, youth and young adults help one another in resolving problems associated with drugs or alcohol use (or other addictive behaviors). Through participation in SMART Recovery® groups, youth and young adults find and develop the power within themselves to make positive changes and lead fulfilling and balanced lives.

In addition to SMART Recovery® groups, each CROSS site offers an array of fun, pro-social activities for youth and young adults in a safe, substance-free environment.  Through participation in CROSS alternative peer group events, youth and young adults develop friendships and learn new ways to interact with others, find acceptance, and enjoy life without the use of alcohol or drugs.

CROSS Program Sites

  • Branford - The Children's Center of Hamden (age 16-18)
  • Bridgeport - The Child and Family Guidance Center (age 16-18)
  • Cheshire - Cheshire Correctional Institute (age 16-18 and 18-24)
  • Cheshire - Cheshire Human Services (age 16-18)
  • Cheshire - Manson Youth Institute (age 16-18 and 18-24)
  • Danbury - Western Connecticut State University (age 18-24) 
  • East Hartford - InterCommunity Inc. (age 16-18) 
  • East Lyme - York Correctional Institute (age 18-24)
  • Enfield - Willard-Cybulski Correctional Institute (age 18-24)
  • Glastonbury - Rushford Center (age 16-18 and 18-24)
  • Glastonbury - Trinity College Health Center (18-24)
  • Greenwich - The Hub (age 16-18 and 18-24)
  • Hamden - The Children's Center of Hamden (age 16-18)
  • Hartford - The Village for Families & Children (16-18)
  • Hebron - AHM Youth and Family Services (age 16-18 and 18-24)        
  • Manchester - Manchester Public Schools (age 16-18) 
  • Meriden - Rushford Center (age 16-18 and 18-24) 
  • Milford - Bridges Healthcare (age 16-18)
  • Naugatuck - Naugatuck Youth Services (age 16-18)
  • New Britain - Reality Outreach (age 16-18 and 18-24)
  • New Haven - Community Placemaking Engagement Network (age 16-18)
  • New Haven - Urban Community Alliance (age 16-18)
  • New London - Connecticut College (age 18-24) 
  • New London - NAMI CT (age 16-18) 
  • North Canaan - McCall Center For Behavioral Health (age 16-18 and 18-24)
  • Norwalk - The Hub (age 16-18 and 18-24)     
  • Stamford - The Hub (age 16-18 and 18-24)  
  • Stratford - The Child and Family Guidance Center (age 16-18)
  • Storrs - UConn Recovery Community (age 18-24)
  • Torrington - McCall Center for Behavioral Health (age 16-18 and 18-24)
  • Wallingford - Coalition for a Better Wallingford (age 18-24)
  • West Hartford - The Bridge Family Center, Inc. (age 16-18) 
  • Westport - Positive Directions (age 18-24)
  • Willimantic - United Services, Inc. (age 16-18 and 18-24)

For more information on CROSS, please contact Shayn Ember, Statewide CROSS Coordinator, at sember@wheelerclinic.org or 203-936-7855.

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Each CROSS program site also offers weekly SMART Recovery® Family & Friends meetings.  These groups help family members and friends learn tools for coping in a healthy way with the challenging situations encountered in relationships where substance use or addiction is a factor. 

The CROSS initiative is funded by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) through the Connecticut Department of Mental Health and Addiction Services (DMHAS) and the Connecticut Department of Children in Families, and is administered by Wheeler Clinic.