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Recovery/Recovery Initiative

Connecticut's Recovery Initiative, led by the Connecticut Department of Mental Health and Addiction Services (DMHAS), strives to build a statewide recovery-oriented system of care.

The Recovery Initiative focuses on several key ideas:

  1. Empowerment - The Initiative is based on empowering people in recovery at all levels within the system and offering hope that they can lead self-determined and fulfilling lives, directed toward achieving their highest potential.

  2. Individualized and Person-Centered - The Initiative focuses on providing culturally competent and individualized care and supports chose by the person in recovery to meet his/her unique needs.

  3. Built on Cornerstones - It builds on work that has been occurring in the behavioral health community over the past several decades, but also expands that work into new and exciting areas (e.g., use of peer supports).

  4. Systematic Emphasis - Using recovery-oriented standards, practice guidelines, performance monitoring and contracting language, it systematizes how DMHAS conceptualizes, implements and operates services and supports.

  5. Quality and Outcome-Oriented - It emphasizes outcomes and incorporates the best available practices from scientific literature and from the informative experiences of people in recovery.

Source: Connecticut Department of Mental Health and Addiction Services 

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