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How You Can Help

Grow Your Know 

Learn about the many risks associated with tobacco use and vaping

Understand the tactics used by tobacco and vaping industries to persuade LGBTQ+ individuals to use their products

Share Your Know   

Use your socials to: 

  Tell others why you choose not to smoke, vape, or use other tobacco products

  Teach others about the risks associated with tobacco use and vaping

Take A Breather

Advocate for tobacco and vape-free spaces at LGBTQ+ events in your community

Commit To Quit

Choose your quit date     

Make a plan to quit

Connect with free quit services in English or Español to guide and support your quit

Join True To You!

We love new members!

Reach out to Holly Giardina at Connecticut Clearinghouse at 800.232.4424 or hgiardina@wheelerclinic.org for more information.