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Mindful Eating: Nutrition for Stress, COVID and the Holidays
Jessica Masterson, RDN, CDE, CDN, lead dietitian for Wheeler Clinic's Health and Wellness Centers, offered an overview of nutrients, identified which foods are richest in these nutrients, and explained the role they play in health, immunity, and stress management. Find healthy recipes and cooking demos on Wheeler's Healthy Kids in the Kitchen webpageFollow Jessica when she offers her cooking demos on Facebook Live.

Understanding the Impact of and Supporting Young Children Exposed to Trauma
This presentation from November 12, 2020, featured Melissa Mendez, Wheeler Clinic's Director of Early Childhood Programs. She provided information about: different types of trauma and toxic stress that impacts child development; how young children process and understand trauma in the context of their experiences, and; approaches that can be used with children to help mitigate the impact of trauma and toxic stress on child social and emotional health.

Intimate Partner Violence COVID 19 Telecounseling Resources
Linda Blozie and Ashley Starr-Frechette from the Connecticut Coalition Against Domestic Violence (CCADV) offered a brief synopsis of intimate partner violence. The spoke about how COVID-19 is impacting families where violence exists in the home, and provided resources for assistance. From October 15, 2020.

Mental Health and Racial Trauma Within the Black Community in Connecticut
Presenters Kelvin Young, Yanique Grant and Janelle Posey Green provided information to help participants gain an understanding of racial trauma and how it affects Black, Indigenous, People of Color (BIPOC) mental health and wellbeing. From August 20, 2020.

Prevention In a Pandemic: Focusing on What We CAN Do
Even as we face a pandemic not seen in our lifetime, there are valuable lessons from our collective past that can guide parenting and professional activities in a way to make a stressful time a period for learning and rehearsing resilience. Learn how we can help prevent mental health and substance and on the evidence based practices we can use to help clients and families now and plan for the future increase in need of prevention outreach services. Presented by Liz Jorgensen, CADC, Insight Counseling. From May 14, 2020.

Creating a New Normal: Re-Imagining a More Compassionate Future
The pandemic has shown a very bright light on the many places in our communities where we need to do a better job of caring for each other. Yet with a growing crisis of this magnitude, it’s possible for all of us who care deeply about others to become overwhelmed, burned out, and paralyzed. This unprecedented global crisis has called us to consider radical self-care not as a luxury, but an absolute necessity if we want to work in prevention sustainably and effectively over time. Presented by Dr. Brandon Nappi, from the Copper Beech Institute. From May 12, 2020.